The regional committees (North, East, South and West), organize a minimum of 4 activities per region, for 100 Jong Rabo members together with local offices. These committees are an important link for Jong Rabo members in these regions and the promotion of activities organized by other committees.

Regional Committee North

The Regional Committee North consists of:

  • Douwe Jan Dekker
  • Jesse Wiersma
  • Koen Brinkman
  • Kim van Velde
  • Silke de Jong
  • Ilona Dijkhoff

Contact: regioteam-noord@jongrabo.nl

Regional Committee East

The Regional Committee East consists of:

  • Sergio van Oord
  • Jasper Westhof
  • Tim Lammers
  • Thomas Veldman

Contact: regioteam-oost@jongrabo.nl

Regional Committee South

The Regional Committee South consists of:

  • Yaëlle van der Donk
  • Nienke Veenstra
  • Anne Lhoest
  • Maxime Schrijvers
  • Priscilla Pellis

Contact: yaelle.van.der.donk.9000@rabobank.nl

Regional Committee West

The Regional Committee West consists of:

  • Astrid Houben
  • Bram Kon
  • Daphne Willigenburg
  • Leroy Paardekooper
  • Lisa van der Spek

Contact: regioteam-west@jongrabo.nl