The day to day management of Jong Rabo is taken out by six young colleagues who work throughout Rabobank. The board members are the connecting factor between Rabobank Group, the committees, members and external parties.

Yasmine Smit – Chairwoman

Yasmine is the voice of Jong Rabo. She offers a platform for young professionals, is responsible for the annual goals within the board en connect (potential) members with our association. She is aware of important topics and ensures we make impact. To further professionalize the association and to make the difference for young colleagues within Rabobank.
The biggest challenges next year? Increasing our visibility, strengthening the involvement of our members and keeping the network alive in a world where physical events are not self-evident.


Tim Vonk – Secretary

As secretary Tim is the right hand of the board. He supervises the boards annual goals, its current activities and relevant obligations. With his enthusiasm for the association, Gino is responsible for the membership base and the go-to person within the board for interested, new – and of course also – the other existing members.


Tim van Oort – Treasurer

Tim is responsible for the finances of Jong Rabo, which is possible thanks to the support of the management board of Rabobank Group. He oversees the contribution of our members and distributes this throughout the association. In this way it remains possible to consistently offer activities to all new and existing members.


Luuk Willems, Frederique Visser & Patrick Gerritsen - General Boardmembers 

Our general board members contribute to the ins and outs of the associations. For example, think about the committees that organize over 70 activities every year.
Luuk, Frederique and Patrick are also in contact with internal departments for collaborations, but also external relations such as organizations that make an impact in society and, for example, the other youth departments of different companies.

Ideas? Or do you want to spar? Feel free to reach out.