All of our activities are organised by our active committee members. These are enthusiastic volunteers, divided over several committees. Check out the different committees, what they do and who’s a part of each committee on this page.

Are you enthusiastic about Jong Rabo, and are you interested in actively taking part in one of our committees? Feel free to send your inquiry to secretaris@jongrabo.nl.

GROW! Committee

Personal development of our members lies within the core of Jong Rabo. The Grow! Committee organizes exciting activities which contribute to soft- and hardskills of our members and inspires them to best version of themselves. Within the Grow Committee, committee members work closely together. It’s not ‘I make you better’ but ‘we make each other better’! We care for each other’s personal development and we give room for your strengths.

The GROW! Committee consists of:

  • Iris Renckens
  • Janneke Keeman
  • Imani Marlin
  • Charlotte Bos
  • Leroy Paardekooper
  • Aeneas Gangi

Contact: grow.youngrabo@rabobank.nl

Sustainable Future Committee

As a bank – and as young professionals – we want to remain future proof. Which is why we want to focus on sustainability and innovation in 2022 by introducing this committee. The environment in which Rabobank operates is changing at a high speed and with an increasing pace. The purpose of the Sustainable Future Committee is to introduce Jong Rabo members to these themes and to ensure that they have the right tools and inspiration to work on these themes themselves. This year, the committee will organise activities within the following themes: The energy transition, the food system transformation, the circular economy, financial wellbeing, AI/Robotics and other sustainability and innovation related themes. We will look for connections with projects and clients to inform and inspire our members.

The Sustainable Future Committee consists of:

  • Maarten Wijnberg
  • Carl Koppen
  • Wouter Remmen
  • Camila Maida
  • Evi Sifaki

Contact: sustainablefuture.youngrabo@rabobank.nl

Sport Committee

Every year the sports committee brings the athletic side out of its members. Sports is the perfect way to meet each other informally, it connects and on top of that, it contributes to personal development and vitality. Every year, the Sports committee introduces members to new or less-known sports and we inspire members with activities about health and vitality.

The Sport Committee consists of:

  • Rick Sauer
  • Guido Bouwmeesters
  • Sander Koster
  • Niels van den Brink
  • Jaimy van Rumpt
  • Kim Vrancken

Contact: sport.youngrabo@rabobank.nl

Research Trip Committee

Every year, the Research Trip Committee organizes one of the most amazing trips you and your Rabobank colleagues can take. The trip focuses on personal development, networking, and getting to know the impact Rabobank makes around the world. The coming year we will be highly dependend on current circumstances in the world, but as Young Rabo we know that you don’t need to travel far to show the world and more from Rabobank!

The Research Trip Committee consists of:

  • Annika Suichies
  • Lisa van der Spek
  • Gydo van der Zwaluw

Contact: researchtrip.jongrabo@rabobank.nl

Congress Committee

The Congress Committee organises one large event for 200 members in the spring period; thé Jong Rabo Congress. The Congress revolves around one central theme for that year, whilst connecting to Jong Rabo’s core values. During the Congress you can expect different speakers, workshops and activities. The General Assembly (ALV) also takes place, prior to the Congress. An interesting note: The Congress Committee of the current year, organises the Congress of the year following.

The Congress Committee consists of:

  • Laura Bothmer
  • Mimi Louissaint
  • Charissa Mustamu
  • Emma Jane Dobson

Contact: congress.youngrabo@rabobank.nl

FLAIRS Committee

FLAIRS is the annual interbank event. You organize this amazing event together with the members of youth associations of other major banks. In 2021, a digital edition was organized in which networking, collaboration and personal development were the core theme. During FLAIRS we zoom in on what concerns you as a young banker, the influence you can exert on your own work and on your future. In addition we always discuss the future of the banking sector. Within the FLAIRS committee you will work on your sales skills, know what is happening behind the scenes, discuss on a high level with other young bankers from various backgrounds, nothing is too crazy, dare to ask and help organize the first physical FLAIRS meeting after the COVID-19 period. Next year we are looking for people who would like to collaborate with other banks and who come up with innovative ideas to make FLAIRS 2022 an unforgettable event again! Can't wait to get acquainted with other banks, to think along about major themes that keep us as young professionals within the bank busy? Sign up for this committee now!

The FLAIRS Committee consists of:

  • Yeonhee Kim

Contact: flairs.youngrabo@rabobank.nl

Branding Committee

The Branding Committee does everything around branding, promotion and social media for Jong Rabo. The MarCom committee are our “the communication experts” for one or several Jong Rabo committees. They ensure all our members are up to date about our amazing activities through social media, make sure our website is up to date and help spread the word about Jong Rabo throughout all of Rabobank by organizing exciting promotional activities.

The Branding Committee consists of:

  • Carlijn Beerepoot
  • Britt Geenen
  • Mariska Heeman
  • Rose Osté
  • Rose van Sas
  • Roxanne Arends
  • Michelle Veeke
  • Kim Baeten

Contact: fm.nl.marcom.jongrabo@rabobank.nl

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee continuously checks the accuracy of the accounting and compliance with internal regulations of Jong Rabo, and the duties of the treasurer. They conduct an annual review of our accounts. They are therefore able to ensure that the membership fees are in good hands and are being spent correctly.

The Audit Committee consists of:

  • Iris Renckens
  • Floor Aarnoutse

Contact: kascontrole@jongrabo.nl

Intercompany Committee

A brand new committee in our offering: the Intercompany committee. The past year has once again shown how much fun and valuable connections our members get from the Intercompany events. The Intercompany committee is the key to limitless networking, sporting challenges broader than just Young Rabo and lots of fun. This committee will be organizing connecting drinks, inspiring networking sessions, energetic sports activities and the very successful Intercompany festival!

The Intercompany Committee consists of:

  • Bas Halbmeijer
  • Quirien Dubbeldam
  • Stephanie Laseur
  • Bart Witting
  • Lucas Wieringa
  • Patty Vurens

Contact: intercompany.youngrabo@rabobank.nl

Meet Your Company!

Did you know that Rabobank owns more than 20,000 works of art and there is also an 'art affairs' department? No? For example, there are many more departments that are less known within the bank. In order to introduce Jong Rabo members to the amazing departments that Rabobank has to offer, we have set up a new committee: Meet your company.

Where previously the Business Change Committee organized panel sessions with Rabobank’s board members, this committee takes a broader approach. In addition to sessions with GD members, you organize activities where our members get to know Rabobank better and increase their network within various departments. You will also discuss important themes within these departments. Take Future of Work for example: What do encounter as young professionals working from home and what skills do you need to be future proof? The Panel committee has organized sessions around these themes in the past few years and next year we will have the themes reflected in the activities Meet your company will organize. In other words: Do you and your committee members want to ensure that we talk to various different departments and ensure that Jong Rabo members can join in discussions on important topics? Then you've at the right place within the Meet the company committee. 

The Meet Your Company! consists of:

  • Deepika Kumari Dashrath
  • Ben Olthuis
  • Sonam Singh

Contact: patrick.gerritsen@rabobank.nl

Cooperative Impact Committee

The Cooperative Impact Committee is a new committee within Jong Rabo. Within the Cooperative Impact Committee we focus on activities with a cooperative theme. Think about volunteering or contributing to projects in local communities and society. In this committee you contribute to the activities that fit with the thema "Growing A Better World Together"!

The Cooperative Impact Committee consists of:

  • Nienke Obilor
  • Rianne Kleefman
  • Tim Boelens
  • Thirza Hettinga
  • Eline Jacobse
  • Marijke Postma

Contact: cooperativeimpact.youngrabo@rabobank.nl

Commissie Ethiek

Young Rabo heeft een zetel in de Commissie Ethiek. Tijdens de Commissie Ethiek vergaderingen worden ethische vraagstukken bespreekbaar gemaakt en deelt een bestuurslid of actief Jong Rabo lid haar of zijn mening, namens de vereniging. Op neemt Frederique Visser namens Young Rabo deelt aan deze commissie.

Dinsdag voorafgaand aan de commissie Ethiek vindt er een voorbereidende sessie met Young Rabo leden plaats. De onderwerpen van de Commissie Ethiek worden op de vrijdag voorafgaand bekend gemaakt en deelt Frederique Visser op vrijdag of maandag met de deelnemers van de sessie, zodat ze zich kunnen voorbereiden/inlezen als ze dat willen. Wil je graag meedenken over ethische vraagstukken? Houd dan de activiteitenkalender goed in de gaten.

Contact: frederique.visser@rabobank.nl

Afterwork committee

A brand new committee! If we've learned anything from the past two years, it's: grab what you can grab outside lockdown. Our Corrie can come out surprising, so we won't let this one take away from us. This is already a legendary committee, who dares to set up new traditions within Jong Rabo, namely frequent drinks or social activities across the country. Be inspired by (Heineken) Rabobank Afterwork or an annual pub quiz league ;). In addition even more gold in the hands of this committee, since they organize the annual benefit, the committee day and evening. 

The Afterwork committee consists of:

  • Eline de Haan
  • Noreen van Krieken
  • Justin Selier
  • Martijn de Leeuw
  • Lex Keijzer
  • Sarah Theunissen

Contact: afterwork.youngrabo@rabobank.nl