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Author: Tessa van Barneveld, Board

Reverse Mentoring

Did you know that your younger perspective can provide different insights? You may not be the most experienced colleague, but you see things differently, ask different questions and you are curious. Simply because you look at the world in your own way. You probably wouldn’t consider that to be so special. It is 'normal', right? Yes and no. Because your view is different from that of a senior manager who has years of experience and is of a different generation. Do you want to have interesting conversations with someone from senior management during the next six months, where you’re the one asking the questions and coaching them? Then you are the perfect candidate for the Reverse Mentoring program!

We are usually coached by colleagues who have been working at Rabobank longer than we have, have more experience and/or hold a senior position. With Reverse Mentoring, it works the other way around: young, enthusiastic colleagues coaching a senior manager.

For 12 senior managers, the mentees, we are looking for Jong Rabo members who are willing to fulfil the role of mentor during the period from April to October 2021. During this period, a kick-off will take place, you and your mentee will plan 4 coaching meetings, you will have 4 intervision meetings with your fellow mentors and we will then conclude together in October. During the kick-off you will receive all the tools and resources you will need to make this program a success. Block the beginning of the evening of April 21st in your agenda!

How do you sign up for Reverse Mentoring?

Are you interested and do you want to participate? Great! Let us know, in a creative way, who you are and what you will bring as a mentor! This may be in a video (max 5 min), a collage or a letter. Something that suits you. We would like to receive your application before March 5th. After March 5th we will make a selection and let you know if you can join us in this adventure. 

Send your motivation to with the subject: Sign up for Reverse Mentoring.

Reverse Mentoring