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Enrich your network, CV and life? Then register now as a committee member at Young Rabo!

Would you like to become a committee member at Young Rabo and thus become active for perhaps the coolest association of Rabobank? Read below and apply via de app! Applying is possible until October 31. In case you applied; mark November 9 in your agenda. During this evening we kick off the association year 2024! Important information regarding the association will be shared with all committee members this evening as well as key activities we expect your committee to organize.

What will I do in a committee?

In a committee you come up with and organize fun, educational and inspiring activities for our Young Rabo members. This ranges between company visits, workshops, drinks, networking sessions, lectures, sounding board sessions with group directors, sports activities and cool trips. Every year there is a range of activities that you organize together with your committee members. Some committees focus on organizing one big activity during that year such as the annual conference, the interbank event FLAIRS or the study trip. The kind of impact you make as a member of one of the committees depends entirely on the committee you are applying for. For example, by applying for the Meet Your Company Committee you want to contribute to getting Young Rabo members familiar with everything Rabobank has to offer. Being part of a committee will enable you to improve, for example, your soft skills and will expand your network within Rabobank enormously. Last year was already a success, but we can't wait to make 2024 an even better year! We cannot do this alone, and that is why we need you. Will you register so that we can make it a successful Young Rabo year together?

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What is expected of me?

  • As a committee member, we expect you and your committee members to show energy and commitment to make it a great year as a committee with vibrant activities. A committee simply takes time. We expect you to be willing to take that time for your committee.
  • [If you chose to become the chair} you are the coach of the committee. Ensuring good team spirit and cooperation is very important. Together with your committee, you will make activities a success from start to finish.

What do I get in return?

  • The opportunity to further develop within the safe environment of Young Rabo, to work on your learning goals and the opportunity to discover and practice (new) skills.
  • An educational and above all beautiful experience. A valuable addition to your CV and a good way to increase your involvement with Rabobank.
  • A nice addition to your (business) network. Young Rabo is truly 'One Rabo'. You work with motivated people from all organizational units.
  • You make an active contribution to a valuable network of young employees within Rabobank and ensure that they remain connected, work on personal development and dare to share their opinions on relevant topics.


After you have registered as a committee member or chairman, you will receive an email from the board between November 2 and 3 whether you have managed to secure a spot and for which committee. We do our best to give everyone a place! However, the committees were very popular last year and there were more registrations than places, so it was not possible to assign everyone. Motivation is leading here.

So fill up the form by clicking this link! We looking forward to your application.
Do you have a question about your registration, the registration procedure or would you like to discuss the possibilities to actively contribute to Young Rabo? Please contact Luuk Willems via

Committees 2024

Afterwork Committee

Do you want to be part of the ultimate fun team? After the enormous success of last year, the Afterwork committee is again part of Young Rabo this year. We are looking for committee members who want to build on the legendary new tradition that was set up last year, namely organizing frequent drinks and social activities throughout the country. Be inspired by (Heineken) Rabobank Afterwork or an annual pub quiz league. Organize the standard YR drinks together with your committee members next year. Network, have fun, and above all, relax next to your busy job. That's what this committee is all about.


FLAIRS is the largest annual interbank conference in the Netherlands, where young and ambitious bankers share their ideas about the financial sector through stimulating workshops, presentations and inspiring panel discussions. With the cool Flair event of September 29 at ING still fresh in mind, we are already looking for a new representative for Young Rabo. As a FLAIRS committee member you take a seat in an intercompany committee. Will you make FLAIRS 2024 a success and would you like to expand your network within the financial sector? Then we are looking for you!

Grow Committee

Within Young Rabo, the personal development of our members is important. The GROW! Committee provides stimulating activities that contribute to the development of the soft and hard skills of our members and inspire them to get the best out of themselves. This can involve trainings, workshops or inspiring speakers. Part of this committee year is the successful GROW! Weekend; a weekend away with a group of young professional  in which we not only improve ourselves, but also each other!

Regional Committee (4X)

Are you active in the region of the local banks? Do you have a local network, or would you like to acquire one, and would you also like to organize cool company visits or excursions in that specific region? Then a regional committee is for you, because Young Rabo is for everyone: from the northernmost tip of Groningen to the far south of Limburg! In addition to company visits you are free to organize other events, which can also include networking activities involving our cooperative character. Each regional committee consists of approximately 4 members.

Sports Committee

Every year the sports committee tries to get our members out of their desk chairs. Sport is the both the perfect way to get to know each other better in an informal way as well as a way to feel mentally and physically fit! As a committee member you help organize (what else could it be?) sporting activities. Think of the phenomenal sailing weekend and activities regarding nutrition and mind. Nothing is crazy enough, as long as it has something to do with sports! Disclaimer: It is not yet clear which committee (intercompany committee or sports committee) will take care of the ski trip. Keep that in mind when your apply for the sports committee!

Research Trip Committee

Every year, the Study Trip Committee organizes one of the most beautiful trips you can make with your Young Rabo colleagues. With a committee of 5 people, you determine the purpose of the trip and develop a cool (abroad) destination with an associated theme. In 2024 we want to pack our suitcase (or backpack) again. You will organize this unforgettable trip for 40 Young Rabo members and you provide an inspiring program, a challenging theme, a stimulating personal development process and fun activities. This year the committee will be given an extra challenge. Given the recent developments in the field of climate in combination with the Road2paris agreement, the study trip will be given a new and fresh look this year. At Young Rabo, Rabobank and our Advisory Board we have asked ourselves the question several times: is flying with 40 people to the other side of the world for a week still relevant today? We are therefore very curious about your view on this issue and would like to see this view reflected in your application.


Meet Your Company Committee

Did you know that Rabobank employs its own historian? And that we are involved in The Dutch Design Week? That BPD and DLL are companies that fall 100% under Rabobank? No? There are many more departments that are less known within the bank. Meet your Company shows it! As a committee member, you organize sessions with Managing Board members or other leading colleagues through which our members get to know Rabobank well and expand their network in various departments.

Branding Committee

The branding committee is much more than just marketing and communication! We are looking for both creative people and real Young Rabo ambassadors. In addition to maintaining the website, socials and newsletters, we are looking for enthusiasts who want to promote Young Rabo. For example, the branding committee organizes a promo week every year, they are responsible for the Merch (cool sweaters next year?) and they organize lunches for new members! A committee with an enormous amount of diversity. You will brainstorm about how we can make the Young Rabo workplace even cooler and more distinctive than the traditional office. There will certainly be challenges for next year. Are you not a top of the class writer, but you are a good conversationalist? No problem, all skills are welcome in this committee!

Intercompany Committee

A brand new committee in our offering: the Intercompany committee. The past year has once again shown how much fun and valuable connections our members get from the Intercompany events. The Intercompany committee is the key to limitless networking, sporting challenges broader than just Young Rabo and lots of fun. As a member of this committee, you are the key in organizing connecting drinks, inspiring networking sessions, energetic sports activities and the very successful Intercompany festival. As a member of this committee bringing people together is your passion, not only within Young Rabo. Since this committee is new, the credo applies: the sky is the limit. Use all your creativity to set up your own I/C event, or use what already exists. Disclaimer: It is not yet clear which committee (intercompany committee or sports committee) will take care of the ski trip. Keep that in mind when your apply for the Intercompany committee! 

Cooperative Impact Committee

The Cooperative Impact Committee is back! Within the Cooperative Impact Committee you focus on activities that are in line with Rabobank's cooperative themes, as well as the objective of strengthening the cooperative identity and social involvement of our members. For example, you can think of volunteering or other contributions to a social or cooperative project or theme. In this committee you contribute to activities that match current themes linked to 'Growing A Better World Together' and you ensure that we make a social impact together with our members. To top it all off, this committee organizes the charity party at the end of the year with which money can be raised for a charity of your choice, in combination with a great party. How cool is that!?

Sustainable Future Committee

To remain distinctive and future-proof as a bank, we are fully committed to sustainability, innovation and the future of the bank and its employees. The aim of the Sustainable Future Committee is to introduce Young Rabo members to these themes surrounding the three transitions we face as a bank; the climate and energy transition, the food transition and the transition to an inclusive society. We learn from initiatives within the bank, as well as from companies, customers and partners to inform and inspire our members. As a committee member, you inform our members about what this means for us and what we and the bank must do to move towards a Sustainable Future!

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