GROW! Weekend!: Embark on this oyster journey and find your pearl!

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  De kunstwei - Zeeland, Wolphaartsdijk
  GROW! Committee

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GROW! Weekend!: Embark on this oyster journey and find your pearl!

As the GROW! Committee, we've meticulously crafted a weekend filled with enriching activities for everyone, thoughtful discussions, and memorable experiences. However, sadly, we have limited space, so instead of simply outlining what you can expect from this event, we want to take a moment to invite you on a journey of imagination. So that afterward, we can ask you to sign up and share your motivations and aspirations for this weekend.

Business etiquette

The world has been reopening for a while now, and we can't hide behind our laptop cameras anymore. Business etiquette has always been a significant part of the corporate world. This weekend, we are going to focus on and help you adapt some of the most important business etiquettes that you will surely be able to use in the high-end business world. From networking events, client meetings, business fairs, and art galleries to herring/oyster parties, immerse yourself in the essence of professionalism.

Program kick-off

We are the GROW! Committee and we are more than happy to invite you to the GROW! Weekend in the picturesque landscapes of Zeeland, with wide beaches and vast ocean horizons. The GROW! weekend will start with your arrival (between 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM) on Thursday, April 4th, at Kunstwei Perponcherpolderweg 1, 4471RX Wolphaartsdijk.

A paradise where the green nature of Zeeland comes together to provide an amazing location full of intimate outdoor areas, beautiful views, and sunsets in combination with comfortable various spaces and our overnight accommodation for the next 2 nights. We will kick this event off between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM with a dinner followed by Crispening Campfire Conversations before we end the evening sleeping under the stars in bell tents.

From Pyjamas to Professionalism

Day 2 Good morning! Are you ready for the next day? A day full of adventure awaits! Let's start the day with a good breakfast in your nightwear for the first activity "From Pyjamas to Professionalism," where a professional will guide you through personal presence, how to present yourself, how to brand yourself, and how to look your best.


After a filling morning full of nourishment for body, mind, and soul, we will embark on a journey to the one and only Oesterij in Yerseke, an Oyster farm since 1906. Here, we will discover and experience the world of oysters, and of course, we will not leave before you all have had a taste! We would love to tell you more about this day trip, but even though our words can help you visualize this experience, we would rather have all your senses, including your taste buds, make this moment an unforgettable memory.

Corporate connecting

After indulging in the delights of the Oesterij, we return for a nice dinner at the Kunstwei. As the sun sets over the serene landscapes of Zeeland, we delve into the art of corporate connecting. You'll learn invaluable conversational techniques and strategies for forging meaningful connections in the corporate sphere. Following this enriching session, we gather for a lively evening of reflection and relaxation with some well-deserved drinks under the starlit sky.

Last day

Day 3 Rise and shine, it's sadly the last day of the GROW! Weekend. We kickstart the morning with a hearty breakfast and a collective effort to tidy up our surroundings, embodying the principles of teamwork and responsibility. We venture forth to the sandy shores an engaging team-building activities, allowing you to reconnect with nature and your fellow participants.

Optional Afternoon Program: After the formal program concludes at noon on Saturday, we are exploring an optional session focused on further networking and deepening connections (at your own cost). Stay tuned for more details as we finalize this additional opportunity for meaningful interaction and engagement.

As the clock strikes noon, our transformative journey draws to a close. With hearts full of newfound knowledge, cherished memories, and perhaps a few grains of sand between our toes, we bid farewell to the GROW! Weekend, knowing that the connections made and lessons learned will continue to flourish in the days and weeks ahead.


Now, with this vivid imagery in mind, we invite you to sign up and kindly ask you to share a bit about your motivations and aspirations for participating in the GROW! Weekend. Your insights will help us choose the participants' list and ensure that together, we create an unforgettable weekend of learning, connection, and growth. Please fill in the questionnaire here: Grow Weekend registration. We look forward to welcoming you to the GROW! Weekend community and embarking on this journey together.

Please note that your registration is only complete if you signed up on the Young Rabo website and you filled in the Form before March 8th noon. Don’t pay the participation fee until you heard that you have been selected.


  • Tuesday February 27th: registrations open

Program Schedule

Thursday April 4th

  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Arrival and Dinner (self-made)
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM: Teambuilding and Connecting
  • 10:00 PM onwards: Drinks, Campfire, and Sleep

Friday April 5th

  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM: Breakfast and "From Pyjamas to Professionalism"
  • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM: Personal Presence (Guest Speaker) and Lunch
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Oyster Tasting and Tour at Oesterij
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Dinner (self-made)
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Corporate Connecting, Conversation Techniques
  • 9:00 PM onwards: Drinks and Sleep

Saturday April 6th

  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM: Breakfast and Cleanup
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Team Building at the beach
  • 12:00 PM: End of Program/Option for a further program

Kind regards and see you hopefully soon on the GROW weekend.

Iris Renckens, Janneke Keeman, Imani Marlin, Charlotte Bos, and Leroy Paardekooper.

Practical details

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to join the Teams channel: Grow! Inspiration channel.

Please note! Personal contributions for this event is €60,- euros. You can unsubscribe via the website until March 15th 2024, after this a no-show fee of €40,- euros applies.

Start: Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 6:00 PM
Organising committee: GROW! Committee
Sign up opens: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 12:00 PM
Sign up closes: Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 12:10 PM

De kunstwei - Zeeland - De Perponcherpolderweg 1, 4471 RX Wolphaartsdijk

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