The Pixar Pitch: A Storytelling Workshop

  15:00 uur
  ''Balkon'' Croeselaan 18, Utrecht

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Kennisverbreding Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

Get ready to unleash your inner storyteller with The Pixar Pitch, a fun and inspiring workshop brought to you by the GROW! Committee of Rabobank.

Are you looking to improve your Rabo-skills and become a future-proof employee? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you! Our trainer Boyke Dalmeijer of the Chapter Design will guide us through the art of storytelling, helping you to organize insights and define a logical flow to tell a story.

But that's not all!

With the Pixar Pitch technique, you'll learn how to select stories, analogies, or examples to illustrate a point and influence others. And if you're ready to take your skills to the next level, our workshop will teach you how to lead from the front and promote followership through the power of storytelling.


This practical workshop is not to be missed, and it's not just for writers or creatives. Whether you're looking to craft your own profile or inspire your department's mission, this workshop will provide you with the tools and inspiration to create and tell powerful stories.


And after the workshop, we'll head to Uncle Jim for some drinks and networking. But don't forget to mark your calendar and bring something to write with - notebook and pen or laptop - so you can take full advantage of this amazing opportunity.


Please note that we have a no-show fee of €5 if you cancel without a valid reason after June 20.


So, what are you waiting for? Let's GROW together!


Date: June 27th, 2023

Time: 15:00 – 17:00 

  • 15:00 - walk-in
  • 15:15 - workshop starts at 3:15 PM
  • 17:00 - ending followed by afterburner conversations and if wanted, you can join us for drinks at Uncle Jim's (at your own expense)

Place: Balkon Croeselaan

To Bring: Notebook and pen or laptop

Aanvang: dinsdag 27 juni 2023 om 15:00
Organiserende commissie GROW!-commissie
Inschrijven vanaf: maandag 24 april 2023 om 12:00
Inschrijven t/m: maandag 26 juni 2023 om 12:00

''Balkon'' Croeselaan 18 - Croeselaan 18, 3521 CB Utrecht

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“Jong Rabo is zo lekker één!”

Eric Saris – Directeur Organisatieontwikkeling, Performance & Strategie