Intercompany Hockeytoernooi (by ABN AMRO)

  09:00 uur
  Hockeyclub Pinoké, Amstelveen

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This activity isn't necessarily in English or Dutch, but it depends on who signs up and the final team composition.

N.B. Registration does not guarantee a spot. Based on the registrations, we will see how many teams can be formed. We will come back to this shortly after the deadline. After you have been placed in a team, you will receive a payment request to pay your own contribution.

On July 8th the 25th edition of the Intercompany Hockey Tournament organized by ABN AMRO is taking place, with Young Rabo taking part for the first time. It promises to be a great hockey party.

The tournament takes place at hockey club Pinoké in Amstelveen. The first matches start in the morning and we end the day with a BBQ and a good party! The day ends around 00:00.

The games are played with mixed teams of young professionals. You certainly don't have to be an experienced hockey player to participate, in addition to sportsmanship, this day is also all about fun. A maximum of 2 teams can register per company. N.B. It is important to know that at least one Young Rabo team can participate. Based on the amount of interest, we will assess whether a second team can be put together. When registering, we ask you to state at which level you want to participate (Champions League, Rookie League). But beware, if you consider yourself a social butterfuly that is there to support the Rabobank team(s) then that is also an option (Supporter)!

Champions League
This group is intended for fanatical and more experienced hockey players. Are you there because you want to get everything out of it and play against equally fanatical teams? Then this is the pool for your team!

  • You play on an entire field with 11 men.
  • There must be at least 4 ladies / 4 men on the field.
  • You register a maximum of 14 players per team.
  • Each company may enter a maximum of two teams.

Rookie League
Are you mainly present for the fun and don't you come to play hockey very fanatically? Then the Rookie League is for you! The focus is mainly on fun playing instead of fanatical hockey.

  • You play half field with 8 men.
  • You register a maximum of 11 players per team.

Are you mainly there for the fun and the sun and less for the sport? Then the Supporter role is something for you! The focus is mainly on having fun in the third half, so leave that hockey stick at home. Keep in mind that you pay for the entire day.

Costs for participation:

  • €45 per person.
  • Both for hockey players and non-playing teammates and supporters.
  • This includes lunch, BBQ and access to the party.

Because it concerns an intercompany event, we have no influence on the costs per person (these are predetermined). For this reason, a personal contribution of €45 per participant is requested. These costs are paid in advance by the board and for that reason the rule applies that you can unsubscribe until 4 June so that we can keep an eye on the number of participants and can pass this on in time. If you have any questions, please contact (or via Teams).

Aanvang: zaterdag 8 juli 2023 om 09:00
Organiserende commissie Bestuur
Inschrijven vanaf: donderdag 25 mei 2023 om 12:00
Inschrijven t/m: zondag 4 juni 2023 om 12:00

Hockeyclub Pinoké - Jan Tooroplaan 46, 1182 AE Amstelveen

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"Empowerment van onze leden hebben we laten zien door hen een podium te geven en de klankbordrol als vereniging te versterken. Op die manier dragen wij bij aan de ontwikkeling van Rabobank én die van onze leden.”

Marijke Klaver – Voormalig voorzitter Jong Rabo