Meet the Chocolate Makers + drinks!

  16:30 uur
  Chocolatemakers, Amsterdam
  Sustainable Future commissie

  • Networking
  • Company visit

The Chocolate Makers: this progressive and sustainable chocolate factory in Amsterdam is top of bill.

This client of ours sources all of its cocoa with sailing boats and the factory and its production are carbon-neutral. The final product is delivered by one of the 200 bikes to supermarkets in the Netherlands and even western parts of Germany. Wow!

The ideal first activity of the year organized by the sustainability and innovation committee! Apply now for our activity on February the 9th! 

The agenda:

16:15 - 16:30

Meet up @ the Chocolatemakers in Amsterdam 

(Easy to reach via OV)

16:30 - 18:00

Tour & Presentation from the Chocolatemakers - From bean to bar! 

18:15 - ?

Drinks @ the Seamen's center (next to the Chocolatemakers)


There is the option to buy chocolate after the tour.

Don't miss this amazing activity and sign up now!

Aanvang: donderdag 9 februari 2023 om 16:30
Organiserende commissie Sustainable Future commissie
Inschrijven vanaf: woensdag 18 januari 2023 om 12:00
Inschrijven t/m: dinsdag 7 februari 2023 om 12:00

Chocolatemakers - Radarweg 32A, 1042 AA, 1042 AA Amsterdam

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Marijke Klaver – Voormalig voorzitter Jong Rabo