Mindful Moves: A Day of Self-Investment

  10:00 uur
  Vitality room - Utrecht Croeselaan, Utrecht

  • mindfulness
  • yoga
  • kickboxing
  • time for yourself
Netwerken Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

Mark your calendar and invest in yourself! 

Are you caught up in your busy agenda, social commitments, and daily distractions? It’s time to pause, reflect, and prioritize what truly matters. Join us for a event designed to help you focus on self-improvement and personal well-being.

During this event, we will take some time to stop and focus. Only with time for yourself, you can really focus on what matters to you. Of course, this will happen under professional guidance.

During this event, we’ll explore a mix of yoga, mindfulness, and kickboxing. These activities provide an opportunity to connect with yourself, share experiences with others, and foster personal development.

“Your life is controlled by what you focus on.”

Schedule of the day

This activity will start at 10:00 in the Vitality room.
We start with a kickboxing lesson.
We will have a (included) lunch together (hopefully in the Rabo garden if the sun shines).
Then we will wind down with some yin yoga combined with meditation.
There will be some room for yourself to reflect on some life questions.
We will end the day with some drinks so we can share our experience and insights.
The program ends around 16:00, then we will have some drinks.

Kickboxing - Inge van Laar

Almost every day we are confronted with situations that require a (quick) response. And everyone does this in their own way. What does this do to your energy? Could you do it differently? How do you deal with challenges and resistance? During this workshop you will tackle this. Take on the challenge and feel the energy!

Yin Yoga - Mirjam Meeuwsen

Yin Yoga offer remedies to the stresses of your busy yang life. Yin Yoga targets your deeper fascia and connective tissues, helping you experience increased flexibility and improved joint health. In this Yin Yoga class we focus on deep breathing, longer hold times of the poses allowing you time and space to clear your mind and feel and observe your body. The meditative poses will help you back into balance and renewed sense of mindfulness, knowing what is really important for you!

Please note! After your signup you can unsubscribe via the website until July 15th 2024, after this a no-show fee of €15,- euros applies.

Aanvang: vrijdag 26 juli 2024 om 10:00
Organiserende commissie GROW!-commissie
Inschrijven vanaf: dinsdag 2 juli 2024 om 12:00
Inschrijven t/m: maandag 15 juli 2024 om 12:00

Vitality room - Utrecht Croeselaan - Croeselaan 18, Utrecht

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