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Author: Sasja van Ravens, Board

On October 5th we celebrate diversity! Are you curious how you can contribute to a diverse and inclusive bank and society? This day is packed with activities to inspire and help you to contribute. Register now!

The theme for Diversity Day this year is ‘Being yourself works’. Only when you can be your authentic self and when others also have that freedom, we can make use of everyone’s talents and work together effectively. Not only does this make Rabobank a pleasant place to work, it also improves our business results. Moreover, diversity also leads to innovation.

Diversity and inclusion starts with you. Hence, the sub theme of the day: “Inclusion: What can I do?”. Several speakers and guests will help you to answer this question. What can you expect? For example a workshop from Rocky Hehakaija, who will learn you to think with a growth mindset. Another option is to reflect on your own behaviour in a theatre workshop provided by Dramatic Resources. Alternatively, you can join a workshop on inclusive leadership. What can you do to utilize the potential of diversity?

All Rabobank employees can join the two hour online global event. To allow as many colleagues as possible from all over the globe to join, we will broadcast the event twice. The first broadcast is from 9.00-11.00 AM CET and the second one from 4.00-6.00 PM CET.

And there is even better news. In adherence with the COVID-19 guidelines, an audience will be present during the event that is broadcasted from Utrecht. Should you like to join physically, please indicate so in your registration form. We will then get back to you.

Register now at Rabohub!

Diversity Day – Register now!